Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy

Blue Oyster Cult’s Astronomy from the album Secret Treaties Blue Oyster Cult – Astronomy



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  1. Anybody complaining about the Mettallica cover must just want the past to exist as a slide based photo they can keep in a shoe box…stop living there and actually LIVE…oddly this track is kinda about that so learn something…oh, Mett's is SOOO much better BTW!

  2. hey internet, never heard of this one. i use to listen to it on Metallica's Garage inc album. i never knew it was a Blue Oyster Cult's song. you can't stop learning. big up to the poster, greating to the commenters and love the listeners. long live rock music. love you all.

  3. In Bama about 1974 or 75 got turned on to these guys from New York city by my friend Mark lorren and been rockin ever sense. Also last days of May and cities on flame with rock an roll

  4. I started listening to BOC because of a band called Ghost. People in the comments saying their songs sound like BOC. So I started listening, to be honest to this day I don't regret it. I like a lot of the older rock like AC/DC, Queen, Ozzy, just to name a few. Now I have another band to add to that list.

  5. People will never fkin learn. . .you don't have to choose or compare between versions. You NEVER have to choose just one in life, its a lie. Its too keep you divided, to keep you polarized, to make it easier to manipulate you. Refuse to be a simpleton, let every song stand on its own merits, there's no such thing as best or worst. Take those two warring parts of your mind and bring them back together like they once were. That's the only way we ever escape this slavery that we've been imprisoned in for thousands of years. . .that's what this album is about for christs sake.

  6. I'm a huge Metallica fan and this was way better than I expected. I've only heard from BOC from Dont Fear the reaper and burnin for you but this seems like a legit band

  7. WTF Was Eric Bloom smoking when he wrote these Lyrics??

    "Moon Drops burst out at you from their hiding place"?
    "You'll want to know where stars come from"?
    "…the origin of sin.."?

  8. I did a meet and greet back in 2006 with these guys in Williamsport. I was 14. All i listened to was boc. It made my world. Still recall the show. These guys rock. Todays generation has no clue.

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