Birth Control – “Gamma Ray” (1972)

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The World Is Pervated With
Ironie, Hunger And Corruption
The Eastern World And The Africans Too
Are Going To Repeat The History Of Our Wars
And Our Industry Supplies Them With Arms
Everybody Knows, But Apparently
Nobody Can Do Anything Against It
For Our Society Is On The Make

Well, Sometimes, Sometimes,
I Tried To Draw Up A List
I Tried To Find Out What Death Had Done
I Thought Of Honourable Murderers You Know
Like Jobbers And Mad Rabble-Rousers
At Anytime, Everywhere In The Whole World

If I Were A Gamma Ray, A Gamma Gamma
Gamma Ray Made Of Pure Existence
If I Were A Gamma Ray, A Gamma Gamma
Gamma Ray Mighty And Unfailing
I’d Radiate Love, To Fight Misery

Without A Body I Could Fly Round
The World Destroying Arms, Destroying Rockets
Mix-Up Complexions Of The Whole Human Race
We All Would Turn Into Chocolate People
Everybody, Everywhere In The Whole World
If I Were A Gamma Ray, A Gamma Gamma
Gamma Ray Made Of Pure Existence
If I Were A Gamma Ray, A Gamma Gamma
Gamma Ray Mighty And Unfailing
I’d Radiate Love, To Fight Misery

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Birth Control is a German rock band known for their progressive hard rock sound and provocative album covers.

Birth Control formed in the middle of 1968 in Berlin from two other bands, the Earls and the Gents. The initial members were: Bernd Koschmidder (bass), Reinhold Sobotta (organ), Rolf Gurra (saxophone and vocals), Fritz Groeger (vocals), Klaus Orso (guitar), Reiner Borchert (guitar), and Hugo Egon Balder (percussion).

After a series of disappointing albums in the early 1980s, the group disbanded, but reunited in 1993 with only drummer/lead vocalist/band leader Bernd ‘Nossi’ Noske remaining along with new members. The band continues to tour in Germany and release new albums periodically. As of recently, former members Peter Föller (bass, vocals) and Zeus B. Held (keyboards, reeds) from the band’s classic period have been making special guest appearances at gigs. Sadly, original guitarist/songwriter Bruno Frenzel died on September 21, 1983 from a long illness.
Birth Control – “Gamma Ray” (1972)



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  1. Es decir que esta Banda es Realmente la Que Inspiro a la Gran Banda Gammaray , la canción de Hansen and Company es una versión de esta obra Maestra. De verdad que soy tan fan de Gamma pero ahora se destapa este secreto para mi y me desiluciona 🙁 por que es reinventado en quien cree uno.

  2. Exzellente Nummer.
    Aber da hat wer vergessen den Plattenspieler zu synchronisieren.
    Die Platte lief zu langsam. Grausam.
    Daumen runter.

  3. Danke YouTube für wenig Werbung und den Playlisten macht voll Spass zu sammeln durch forschen,sortieren und guter Qualität hören😘

  4. Respect 2018 from Balkan (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Nice voiceeee,song respecttttt i love this beat proffffff

  5. I've been a Gamma Ray (the metal band) fan for many years and had NO IDEA till today this was a cover song!!! Makes sense… always thought their version was odd compared to the rest of the album "Insanity and Genius"… AWESOME!

  6. "Mix-up complexions of the whole human race. We all would turn into chocolate people."
    I'm mixed, but I say "no thank you" to that kind of thinking! Races matter! We are animals as well, you know.
    Races happened because of environmental circumstances. Don't screw this up for political reasons.

  7. hier werden konserative katolikeken und islamfanatiker mit ihrer steinzeitweltanschauung erstmal richtig aufgeklärt:FREIHEIT ;FRIDOM NO END!!!!

  8. Found this song due to my love of the band Gamma Ray…. This song may have come out in the 70's, but the message is still important…

  9. Ne heisse Sommernacht in der Disco Papiermühle/Eberhausen , Gamma ray und nochmal die 80er und 25 sein, einfach unbezahlbar!

  10. Gamma Ray’s version in Insanity and Genius is much better. Theirs sounds like a badass metal song. This one sounds like 70’s porno music with cheesy lyrics. Makes sense it’s since it is from the 70’s but then again there were many good metal bands from that era that didn’t have this sound.

    The middle portion is pretty good though. I guess I just like Ralf’s far more aggressive singing and the band’s faster bpm. The extended edition in the Insanity and Genius re-release is the best one in my opinion.

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