Bad Company – Burnin’ Sky

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  1. Listening to the words to the song, I'm trying to figure out how he ended up in jail. He must've done something really bad not to his woman, but to the man she was cheating with, no? Interesting lyrics to an awesome song.

  2. I saw them for the second time last year in Mass. They kicked fuckin Ass! Best vocals hands down! I've loved Bad Company since the 70's!

  3. Mind blowing to think what they could have recorded if Koss hadn't passed to early, and Free had lasted.Once in a million years band!

  4. Only bad company fans know of this song, Its such a shame, If Paul Rodgers put this out as a single, It would blow the charts,into smithereens.

  5. One of the downright baddest rock & roll times ever folks. Makes me wanna lift weights, grab some cold beers and cruise to a keg party. The 80’s ruled! 😎👊🏾✌🏾

  6. i have to use my sons computer to listen to my classic rock among other awsome bands! I was born in 61, so got to see and listen to the best bands of a generation! paul rogers one of the best and talented vocalist of all time in this genre and more! saw them 2 times!

  7. I bought this album and led zeppelines  "the Song Remains the Same" from a guy I knew.  His sister ran away from home and left her stuff behind.

  8. I grew up to this. Never saw Bad Company live.but in 1985 I got to see Paul Rogers with The Firm at Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati. Great performance.

  9. 1989 running wild with a cougar. Listening to WKDF in Nashville taking qualudes having the time of my life with Nancy. Great memories….

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