Alex Harvey – The maffia stole my guitar

Music video, Alex Harvey Alex Harvey – The maffia stole my guitar



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  1. Alex is a hero in my ghildhood days.I was maybe 12 when i saw Alex and Band in music magazine and
    hear "Runaway"in radio.When i was 19 i hear Alexs death.And Bon Scott is a bit like Alex

  2. first saw SAHB in a small and scruffy rock club in Gorton manchester early 70'S considering the venue it was something else Alex was talking to the audience like he was sat in a pub with them one amazing band saw them at the valley SAHB blew the who away that day the best live band I ever saw or ever will do Nuff said

  3. i really did have mine stolen, whole house ripped off while at work. Had a raspberry frost pink Schecter (hand made in Germany Fenders) Strat and a very DAY(dope) KORG effects board :`( what they didn't steal they destroyed ~what they didn't destroy they killed. Been sad my whole life so ~Thanks Mike and David Fortune of Wichita KS ~hope you are still in prison.

  4. Umm.. this was not SAHB, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. The song was off the 'Alex Harvey – The New Band – The Mafia Stole My Guitar' album of the same name. No one from SAHB except Alex was on this album or played on any song from this album.

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