Accept – No Time to Lose (Lyrics)

Beautiful music.
Enjoy it !!!

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  1. Wiele przeżyłem
    Byłem we wszystkich miejscach
    Ale bez Ciebie wszystko wydaję się tak smutne

    Twoja miłość się ulotniła
    Dni są zimne i szare
    Nie mogę kochać nikogo tak, jak kochałem Ciebie wcześniej, wcześniej
    Chwyć mnie za rękę, zabiorę Twoją duszę
    Och, nie mów, że więcej nie możesz mnie kochać

  2. Great song…. But this is not Accept. It is so far away from UDO as you can come. But as I said…Really good song 🙂

  3. 1 of there best songs and peters voice just shimmers. udo was great but the few peter sang are right up there with the best udo stuff. the king and no time to lose are to prime examples of greatness from baltes and he does some killer stuff on the later album predatpr as well

  4. 30 years on and i still feel this song is on the same wavelength with skid row's i remember you, cinderella's nobody's fool and helloween's a tale that wasn't right

  5. Наистина,най-добрата балада ,която е в сърцето ми! За един много специален човек,който ще бъде винаги е сърцето ми!

  6. the best ballad german better from scorpions but scorpions ballad is awesome german steel rules…greetings from premier country of malaysia

  7. I love this song, it reminds me of someone very special. Whoever wrote this song must have been going through some severe heartache.

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