Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music

Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music Wild Cherry – Play That Funky Music


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  1. All the comments are saying…"I thought he was black". He was telling you in the fucking song he was white.

  2. si alguien tiene el primer video donde sale con gafas y todo hippie pongalo ya que aqui se ve todo millonario, pierde su feeling original con tremenda canción

  3. gracias a Dios que alguien oyo el demo que envio a un grupo y lo incluyeron en el grupo, luego comprando la guitarra wild al doble de precio que la habia vendido ya que abandonria la música.

  4. The reason funky music ended is cause "The Man" created the great funk shortaged of the 80's and all the funk bands had to return planet Funkitron.

  5. MAN when this came out it was awesome then and now , plus this was in a  time  when  every genre of music was  acceptable anywhere anytime ,  AND  ANYTIME THE  WORK FUNK COMES UP IN MUSIC , I REALLY CANT IMAGINE ANYTHING THAT HAS  SUCH IMPACT .

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