Hudson County – Bim Sala Bim

Hudson County – Bim Sala Bim



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  1. I've posted about this before. This song was recorded by my group "Hudson County" in 1974 for RCA.It was written in my living room. We never made a dime off it. Now it's on the internet by all these different names. Fantastic Soul Inventions never existed. This is an illegal Bootleg. But, at least some people are enjoying it. You can hear some of my stuff at

  2. @johnmulrenan I love this song … I will not waffle on but just listen to it … .. ever .. ever …. Thanks to You "Hudson County".

  3. disco sinikon 1975 peiraias karibian- big aple-i love kawasaki girapa radio station pasalimani.kawasaki strigla 500cc disco bim sala bim I Love this song I Love 1970-1985.

  4. @ananander axaxxaxaax wraios filaraki ti epoxes kai autes…… disco diagwnismous xorou me gkerapes xamos,, funk for ever,for live


  5. MANY THANKS!!!! I've been wondering who the original artist was when I first found this a while back under a unknown tag!!!

  6. Great Funk… 20 years ago I was a DJ in various Discoclubs in Italy and this was my favorite song ….! Thank you very much for your sound!!!

  7. his song was not done by The Fantastic Soul Inventions. It was recorded by my group, "Hudson County" in 1974 for RCA at House of Music in South Orange NJ. Hudson County was a hard working bar band doing six nights a week for several years in the New Jersey club scene. For some of my newer stuff go to or do a search for "John Mulrenan" on Youtube.

  8. The opening guitar riff was used about 8 years later in The Clash's song "Overpowered By Funk", let's not forget…

  9. τι αναμνηση ρε φιλε!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! τραφικ πλατεια ελευθεριας κορυδαλλος υπογεια ντισκο πωωωωω ρε φιλεεε

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