Young Girl

Sue Saad and the Next/Young Girl Young Girl



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  1. I have had Cold Night Rain playing in the back of my mind for 28 years off and on. Differnet places and different times in my travels around the world. thanks for commenting

  2. your welcome. It is a shame that alot of songs from our youth is not available on MP3 unless it is Pop Music. Your 62, I was born in 62,

  3. your welcome, hard to believe it's beem 29 years. I always thoguht they would have been BIG had they been promoted properly. And it i a great song. Thanks again.

  4. This album is a masterpiece. It was well played on my brand new Sanyo Q50 turntable back in the summer of '80… and how delighted I was to find this and other Sue Saad music on YouTube.
    btw, the album may be 30 years old but my teenage kids know each and every song!

  5. I saw them with the boomtown rats in San Jose Ca, don't remember the rats playing but Sue made an impression on me and my friends. Probably don't remember the boomtown rats playing because we did stuff in the 80's we would never do now.

  6. @rodensweet I agree! This was one of the best albums of the 80s and basically seemed to go unnoticed. Every song on this album is great. Very well produced as well.

  7. In het kader "Hebt u de laatste TIG jaren nog iets gehoord van…." Sue Saad & the next . 'k heb er zo nog e paar….;)

  8. @Onkebat1 yeah she is alive and well in California? Plans to release some solo stuff, but have'nt heard anything else. thanks for posting

  9. Thanks for commenting, people will always remember. Would like to see it be redone by someone with class

  10. Thank you. One of my favorite songs back then. I bought their album back in 1981 and I don't remember seeing it in my old stack of LP's.

  11. Thank you all for posting, remembering life is easy when it has a soundtrack. I listened to this album for so much of 1980, it is synonymous for me.

  12. Just heard this song today at work on the radio again, and I think it must have been nearly 30 years ago I heard it on cassette…so much liking it and never knew who the band was! Exciting to hear it again with the name+some great photographs… :-)) Directy to my fav's! A bit of spirit of new-wave as it was in 1980…Great share Rodensweet!

  13. I have to mirror what "cowargon". I have always loved Sue Saad and the Next, and none of my close group of friends from high school remembers this band!!! And we were all really into concerts and music. Thank you rodensweet for posting these videos!!

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