Wintertime – Steve Miller Band

The song is by the Steve Miler Band. Wintertime – Steve Miller Band



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  1. Dang this song really hits me and makes me sad even listening to it currently in late July, as it brings me back to earlier this year when we had such a long winter and getting a huge snowstorm in mid April here in Wisconsin. What makes me sad is that i'm gonna have to go through another cold dark winter again and again and again. But this song is super beautiful and amazingly captures my feelings.

  2. I always like to think of the 'hear me calling' lyric to mean he's calling for spring – new green leaves and south bound birds reappear.
    I love that exotic sounding wavering voice he does and the signature sound effects he adds to a lot of his songs.

  3. This song is absolutely beautiful! It open up my heart more, to understand what you're really about! And that is the greatest person I've ever met. Ty for showing me this song

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