Well All Right ~ Santana

1978 – Inner Secrets Well All Right ~ Santana



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  1. I heard this on HD Radio, in the car, today & the display showed the artist as 'Santana'. But, I KNEW I'd heard it by another band. I just KNEW it was Stevie Winwood's voice.
    I was thinking, "either Traffic or Blind Faith". It turned out to be a Blind Faith cover of an old Buddy Holly tune, covered AGAIN by the Santana band, at that time!
    Greg Walker's vocals sounded SO much like Winwood & the recording quality was SO GOOD, that I thought that Stevie had done one of Carlos' famous, recent, SO COOL collaborations!
    Of course, Carlos' guitar work was, as ALWAYS, AWESOME!!!
    I HAD to look it up. SO glad I did!!!

  2. Lol. I'm going watch Youtube destroy itself. People want to join current conversations, not old ones. Who really cares about the top comment? They should've never changed their format.

  3. I wasn't a fan of cover music for popular musicians and bands to have to resort to copying- but Santana has done well in re-creating a twist on very popular songs without ruining the original bands release.

  4. Not even an attempt at trying to be original. Santana just re-played Blind Faith's rendition of this Buddy Holly tune. RIP Buddy Holly.

  5. Solid tune, didn't know it was Buddy Holly until years later. Though this period through the late 80's is considered his most straight-on commercial & don't really showcase his virtuosity, I feel that Santana still puts his unique stamp on these pieces!

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