Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes

Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes



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  1. I am here because of good omens as well but is someone who liked this band bevor that show still here?

  2. I came here because of Good Omens. What a lovely song! Did not know it before, but really enjoyed listening to it.

  3. If you were to line up all the people of the world and have them define the velvet underground not one person would say "Bebop"

  4. I would like to thank Crowley and Aziraphale and Neil Gaiman for introducing me to this band. Bless you and Anti Bless you Crowley .

  5. im listening to this song through the right speaker only and its so perfect..softer and idk just perfect

  6. Crowley in a gay panic: "You wouldn't like it."

    Aziraphale, holding a literal love confession: "Ah, bebop."

  7. remember a party and finding a tape as I was finding the next one on and finding a tape. called ROCK in ROLL ANIMAL. from then on in I was smitten and a tape up as I had 2 steal it. SPADES SHOVELS BARRELS THANKS FOR THE introduction ♠️🖤♣️♦️

  8. Okay yes, I found this from Good Omens. No, I'd never heard of this band before. Yes, I live under a rock. And yes, I absolutely LOVE this, holy mother of-

  9. Con perdón, coño esto es música y no lo que hay hoy en día esto es arte en estado puro Velvet underground Nico, lou reed ,

  10. im sitting at a table with 2 people arguing over racism one person accusing the other their racist the other saying their not. Really going at it. And im just here, listening to this song, living a happy life

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