Tom Robinson Band 2-4-6-8 Motorway

TRB’s Top Of The Pops debut 27th October 1977, introduced by David “Kid” Jensen (note TRB badge on his pullover!)… Tom Robinson vocal/bass, Danny Kustow guitar, Dolphin Taylor drums, Mark Ambler keys. Sound quality on recording was a bit ropey and has been replaced with the original single produced by Vic Maile, © EMI Records 1977. Tom Robinson Band 2-4-6-8 Motorway



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  1. The wonderful app that is Shazam, I heard this on Absolute Rock 80’s today. The last time I heard this song was on BFBS being played as we were travelling from Kuwait to Basra. I remember my dad having it on the radio in his Ford Granada 2.8! Since then and in the gulf I have never heard it being played and and it has almost been like the holy grail, as I could only remember the line “little white line” I couldn’t find it until now, its been downloaded and put on all of my devices and even as a ring tone! Thanks for the upload. 👍🍺

  2. 2468 motorway is basically a very simple rock and roll song to play on the guitar Tom Robinson said he basically made up the song in a few hours quickly it's a great song brings back memories of 1977 when I was 16 never was a fan of top of the pops much also the acts had to mime

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