Tim Buckley – Sweet Surrender

Greetings from L.A. Tim Buckley – Sweet Surrender



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  1. Ode to "Buckwheat", Rick Chesen, he was killed during this song. 45 caliber with hollow point shells straight in the chin. Watched the entire thing, I was only 16 he was 17. Give me a thumbs up if you understand & you feel me. Thanks, Dusty the 2nd.

  2. To my mind, along with the New York prodigy Laura Nyro, the two most innovative and soulful singer/songwriters of all time. Nyro's 1969 LP 'New York Tendaberry' is one of the very most artistic highpoints of contemporary music.

  3. RIP and fly free my friend, I must let you go. Little Rick, Ppl he died to this song, a 45 mag hollow point to the chin as I wore most of him. It is time to let him fly free and stop grieving.

  4. If you give Tim Buckley a thumbs down this is a forsure sign you are clueless about music. Very few people in the world have the range this guy had.

  5. One of the greatest songs ever written. It speaks to me of my own confusion over never being able to be a good and faithful partner, even though my love was absolutely sincere and true…why could I not resist temptation? I will never understand and I will always regret the pain I caused those I loved…I really loved, and the hurt was as deep as it was confusing. "I had to be the hunter again…this little man had to try to make love feel new again."

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