The Yardbirds – For Your Love (1965) (Full version)


The Yardbirds – For Your Love (1965) (Full version)



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  1. Born 1960 (me) and since around 1970 a big yardbirds-fan !!!
    Grown up with 4 Yardbirds- LP`s. .perfect !!!
    One of the most important bands in Rockhistory….
    Love this song very much….
    Thanks for upload..

  2. Very nice but all too many think, that the Yardbirds were musically more advanced than the Beatles, because they were a somewhat underground 'blues band' but let me give you a song so groovy in 1965 that Jimi Hendrix was playing it in 1967 the Beatles, 'Day Tripper', just one year later you have the full blown psychedelia of 'Tomorrow Never knows' as well as much heaver thicker sound on 'Rain', 'Paperback Writer': It was with Hendrix and Led Zeppelin in 1969 that we really moved beyond the Beatles in performance and sound

  3. Very interesting.
    Jeff Beck on acoustic guitar.
    Eric Clapton close to leaving the group out of dissatisfaction they are not sticking to pure blues.
    Jimmy Page yet to join the group and eventually spearheading Jeff Beck getting kicked out of the group.

  4. Played live, not lip-synched. Jeff Beck is playing amplified acoustic guitar. This song was one of the reasons why Clapton left the band. They were leaving behind their blues roots.

  5. Yardbirds were very popular in the US as this song was played on the pop radio stations in LA a lot. 93 KHJ was a big station in the 60s in LA. Back when AM was the primary radio.

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