the VELVET UNDERGROUND ” Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ ” 1970

Clip for the song Oh! Sweet Nuthin’
by The Velvet Underground
Lou Reed ,Doug Yule ,Sterling Morrison
& Billy Yule.
released on Cotillion Records 1970 the VELVET UNDERGROUND ” Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ ” 1970



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  1. Great footage, movers, shakers and hipsters!. Great music, the Velvets in their last throw of the dice, I love this track and the LP it came from. The VU moved from sonic art terrorist to Hippy New York cool.

  2. I love this forty-five-year-old song, it's been there every day of my life for me to listen to. Thank God I didn't cause this song is one of those wonderful timeless songs, that finds it's way to the center of you nesting there like a soulful bo weevil, kicking squirming with comfort of familiarity, The inheritance of this part of our culture has been pissed away like a junk bond investment, to that I say, man, at least we still have the receipts.  "If the Velvet Underground be the song of life then play on, play on, baby."

  3. oh sweet nuthin…… In the nuthin we have all the something we need. Say a word for love, laughter, loss and life. Why does the riffs on this song speak so strongly? That is why.

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