The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Artist : The Temptations
Title : Papa was a rolling stone
Album : All Directions
Year : 1972
Label : Warwick, Miracle, Gordy, Motown, Atlantic, New Door/Universal The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone



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  1. Marvin Bell: my daddy was not a rolling stone.
    I credit my father for taking the time to teach me about everything.
    I truly love my father; for being DAD. Love you daddy.

  2. It’s July 2019 and the song is still good as new. I can relate to that song even though my dad is still living.The only part not true about my dad is the part about preaching

  3. Norman Whitfield is the Man with Dennis Edwards keeping it fully live ready to explode. RIP Norman Dennis Edwards… Melvin Franklin… Richard Street and Damon Harris

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