The Rolling Stones – Miss You

The Rolling Stones
Miss You
CD: Some Girls
Rolling Stones Records 1978

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Kev The Rolling Stones – Miss You


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  1. We had this album,didnt realize what we had. Actually it belonged to my late brother. Don't know what happened to it but, we lost him in 79 so memories from then hurt sometimes.I remember all the clubs played that song

  2. COME ON!! COME ON!! AAAAaaaaaaaa…… chickita chickata chickata. I've been… WAUKEN Central PAAAAWK…. SINGIN'… after DAAAARK.. people think I'm….. CRAAAAAAAAAZY…..

  3. you can groove to this song at the disco, the bar, at home or cruising in your car. A go anywhere do anything song.

  4. "I've been walkin' Central Park singin' after dark people think I'm crazeee Stumbling on my feet shufflin' through the street askin' people ch ch ch ch whatsa matta wit you boy?"

  5. The artwork of the album is awesome. Each one of the band members decided to take a picture of his wife and also his girlfriends and put it on the cardboard. They look like they'd been in car accident and they probably did.

  6. so sexy…..thank you
    Bring me back memories living in the jungle in Los Angeles great memories back in the days

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