The Eric Burdon Band – Medley- When I Was Young-War Child

Eric Burdon Band, The* – Sun Secrets……………Released:
Blues Rock ………………………Bass – Randy Rice
Drums – Alvin Taylor
Engineer – Ed Barton
Guitar – Aalon ……..and ………..Vocals – Eric Burdon The Eric Burdon Band – Medley- When I Was Young-War Child



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  1. @JulianThomePictures Yes of course so because metal bands cover this particular song by him it has to be metal right! People who call him blues are wrong REALLY when he was with the animals they were metal i suppose… when he sang with war they were metal i suppose & every song that he sings on this album is metal too right – your smoking crack aren't you…

  2. I used to cruise around in my Mustang totally baked listening to this as loud as the stereo could handle. Pigeon hole it any way you want… I call it AWESOME!

  3. @ogrebattle22763 Eric Burden is not metal but this album I would definitely classify as heavy rock. It was his only heavy album…I used to play the hell out of it as loud as possible. Glad you and others besides myself like this album.

  4. @osiruskat It is absolutely not metal but this moron tried arguing with me above a few months back it is definitely heavy blues oriented rock without a doubt but metal it is not! Rock on…. by the way I love the song Letter From The County Farm off this album….

  5. @osiruskat Mt cousin turned me on to this album way back in the day… been hooked to it ever since!

  6. @ogrebattle22763 One of truly all time fav. to crank up on vinyl late night in a dim lit surrounding. Very underrated album that more ppl should know about. Keep rockin!!! _/

  7. @JulianThomePictures First of all I don't care who you are & you know nothing either I don't care what you do where you do it or why you do it, I don't care if your a musician or a Animal Trainer I don't care what your name is or why you have that name I don't even care that your alive I don't know you & I don't want to know you & thats right I called you a moron. I like Eric Burdon I said it's not metal & thats good enough for me I don't care who the hell you are pal….

  8. @JulianThomePictures Yeah well like I said…. your obviously a nothing nobody who thinks he's somebody …. : )

  9. I felt in love with this Grate Album from the eric burdon band,(Sun Secret), befror 33 years,and i´m still in love.tanks a trillion trillion times youtube and dinikki08

  10. This album was a favorite on the old WNEW102.7 fm back in the day when they were the only Rock & Roll station to play full length records and very rarely repeated songs in a 24 hr. period as the music library was open to the DJ'S choices.
    R.I.P. Scott, Allison and the rest of the gang who are still alive.

  11. as a rockinroll kid growing up in the 70s,hard to imagine i never knew about it until spring 2012//awesome record//still discovering even at 53.

  12. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Blues Rock RnB …MUSIC ♥♥

  13. Λοιζακο ''εφυγες'' νωρις φιλε.Για εκεινες τις βραδυες με τον Μιλτακο στου Vin's.

  14. Αυτή την έκδοση έπαιζε 25 χρόνια πριν ο Κώστας μυλωνάς από το ράδιο…εκεί την πρωτάκουσα

  15. I knew Eric Burton could easily outrange Jagger. I love Burdon's voice when he calmly but powerfully throws down that groovin' bluesy-ness! Love how he rolls.

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