The Byrds – Lover of the Bayou

The Byrds – Untitled [1970] The Byrds – Lover of the Bayou



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  1. Excellent song, from my teens, when only Jim aka Roger McGuinn was left from the Byrds line up. They came to play in Liverpool Uni c1971, but none of my friends wanted to see them. Later heard they were brilliant. Have since seen Mr McGuinn on his own, he was excellent

  2. Jerry Garcia called Clarence White "an incredible electric guitar player" who "took advantage of the light setup and the Telecaster snarl to get a kind of nasty, biting sound….There's been nobody like him since. His playing is what the guitar is all about." Here it is.

  3. This is the best version. I deeply love the line up in this period of the band. I only got into them in the early 90's (due to my age). I once had a dream I saw them live. I was close to tears when I woke up at the encore. The live in Manchester recording is great for lovers of this period (and a chance to check out the great bass work of Clarence too).

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