The Black Crowes – Oh Sweet Nuthin’

The Black Crowes performing Oh Sweet Nuthin’. Music by Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground. From the Cabin Fever DVD. The Black Crowes – Oh Sweet Nuthin’



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  1. Ah Sweet Nothing, just like Bobby McGee, if you ain't got nothing you ain't got nothing to lose, Close your eyes, listen, and try to remember what it meant to have nothing and the Freedom you felt, nothing is something, something indeed.

  2. I would marry this song to prove how much I'm in love with it, but probably just saying that it is one of their greatest arrangements and Chris and Rich's harmonizing is DOPE!

  3. if you painted a version of the album cover for " The Wall ", what would your version look like? i believe its all good if done in good taste." Knocking on Heavens Door", as covered by G and R, a damn sin.

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