Terry Reid – I Put A Spell On You (Fillmore West – 1968)

Terry Reid Live Audio from Fillmore West gig 1968 Terry Reid – I Put A Spell On You (Fillmore West – 1968)


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  1. no shit man! I was born in '67 & never heard him till I saw "The…. Reject's.I'm downloading every song I find.

  2. Listened to all my dads rock albums growing up, but must have been living under a rock when it came to Terry Reid…this guy can tear up vocals like no other…incredible

  3. This is the same line-up as was in the studio on Terry's first album Bang Bang.
    Terry Reid – vocals, guitar Keith Webb – drums Pete Solley – keyboards, bass pedals

  4. Terry Reid's vocals are mind blowing but let's not overlook his guitar playing.

    Raw, intense , creative…like his vocals!

  5. this stunning rendition must have reached the ears of page and plant inspiring them to write scince iv been loving you

  6. troubie is terry would have turned zep into sly and family stone phew hed have made houses of the souly

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