Stomu Yamashta – Crossing The Line

Stomu Yamashta – Crossing The Line



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  1. Actually that's me , Pat Thrall, taking the solo on this amazing song.  It was one of the best nights of my life playing with this incredible group. I can't tell you how emotional we all were at the end of the song.  It brought Winwood to tears.  Bad ass Al Dimeola played all the other solos.

  2. This was one of those nights when a band comes of age Live in Paris! Winwood on vocals and Pat Thrall on guitar showing Dimeola the difference in jazz and rock!!! I proud I was involved!

  3. This song blew me away in76".  I always thought it was Al Dimeola, and I wasnt into him.  Had I known it was Pat Thrall I probably would have searched out his music.  which I will do now….

  4. I have a 12inch single of this after hearing John Peel play it on release, blew my 15 year old mind

  5. this really is the best guitar solo ever,step aside ..Hendrix, Clapton,Beck,Page etc..Zappa not included!!! different level altogether !!!! just never get tired of listening to it!! Pat Thrall most underrated guitarist ever! thanks.

  6. Always loved this song!!!!! I bought the album back when it first came out because of the players…one of the best musical treasures I ever uncovered!!!! Thank you!!!

  7. When I heard this song in 1976 I was hooked on Al di Meola for life. Aleady was a great fan of Santana's Mike Shrieve, Tangerine Dream's Klaus Schulze and Winwood's Spencer Davis group/Traffic.

  8. No cabe duda que se volaron la barda estos cabrones. De principio a fin es toda una obra maestra,sobre todo Crossing the line.Sin la música sobre todo de ésta altura,la vida no tendría sentido

  9. Haven't heard this in years. Pat Thrall's solo still gives me the same chills that it gave me when a good friend of mine turned me onto this album in 1976. I became aware of him when he and Michael Shrieve were in Automatic Man. I have no idea what happened to my copy of this project. I probably wore it out. LOL!!!

  10. Been one of my favourites since I was about 9 years old. Hadn't heard it for a few years and came here to find the link to share with my darling Strapper.


  12. Everytime I hear this song… EVERY SINGLE TIME… I'm brought to tears. Amazing

  13. Anyone out there who came across this unbelievable combination of gentleman going about their business consider yourselves fortunate to experience their unbridled musicianship. Carry On gentleman.

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