Slade – Look At Last Nite

Recorded off the Slade 1972 album “Slayed?”, track 3: Look At Last Nite Slade – Look At Last Nite



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  1. hi bigmagic, cant agree with you on that,,but then again l couldnt tell you which of their many great songs was my favourite because they are all great songs including look at last night,,an old friend of mine from 72 thought as you do that this was his favourite slade song,,chris watson in darwen how are you ?,,regards rob,all the best bigmagic for 2013,

  2. I love Dave Hill…nobody, I mean nobody in the world, plays a lead like Dave. I was just ripping on him for being slightly less on the attractive side for the women when he does his bizarre shit! lol….but I love him!

  3. LOL….I don't know what prompted my original comment; probably just having a little fun with Dave and his looks.

  4. А мне просто нравится..Без претензий на эпохальность и монументальность..Но свежо и не скучно..

  5. B M. you were spoiled back in 73 " getting Sladest for your 13 th birthday. it is no surprise you turned into a Slade nut. l was never that lucky " l had to shell out as usual. still " money well spent.

  6. Слушал эту песню в 1974. По -прежнему нравится. И так будет всегда.

  7. Said this before and will say this again. Slade should have been one of the biggest bands in America. Really, they kick ass. I can't find a single Slade album anywhere here. Quite a shame, really. Love this album to bits.

  8. i loved every album they released,but this one was not only their best but one of the best rock albums ever recorded.

  9. a toutes et a tous qui écouter ce groupe qui pour moi est une légende slade a traverser une grande partie de ma vie et encore maintenant sont présent a jamais

  10. I'm touching 62, and this band are still my heroes of the music industry. Wow, when I think of the fun times I had .Wouldn't change a darn thing,

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