Rory Gallagher : ‘Edged In Blue’

From Rory’s masterful ‘Calling Card’ album,this is a beautiful song many believe to be one of the G Man’s finest… Rory Gallagher : ‘Edged In Blue’



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  1. Johnboy this is one of my favourite Rory tracks and I just want to say that your video does it proud,a truly fantastic set of images to go with some of the man's most poignant lyrics.A real pro job,thanks for sharing.

  2. This video is truly a work of art! I'm just amazed at how beautiful it is. The colors and the melancholic images of Rory… speechless, breathtaking, touching, electryfying 🙂 Thanks for making it and for sharing! 🙂

  3. All time greatest song, no one can make a guitar cry like rory could, and no song will tear a persons heart strings out like this one will, if you've ever been through hard times or in dark places, blues from rory soul, this will never be topped.

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