Robin Trower- Somebody Calling

From In City Dreams (1977) Robin Trower- Somebody Calling



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  1. Like many my age, I have a few of these pieces of old vinyl heaven around. Can't play them anymore, at least not without an expensive investment in old equipment. Still, I can't let them go. They've melted into me and fused into my heart. We're gonna go out together.

    I'm so glad the music is still around and loved by a new bunch of fans. Love Robin and miss James.

  2. I'm always amazed at people from my generation who do not know the magic that is Robin Trower & Jimmy Dewar. I want to slap them & ask : where the fuck were you in the 70's??? Saw them in '76 Chgo Amphitheater. Magic.

  3. when this album dropped back in 1977 we were just getting ahold of THE MOST POWERFUL thai sticks on earth, the finest weed wrapped with a piece of yarn on wooden sticks and laced with opium….OMG we would listen to this album SO HIGH that I thought I was on another planet, and 8 hours later I was STILL HIGH….thats how good the times were back then….

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