Peter Green – Hiding in Shadows

Peter Green’s Splinter Group Peter Green – Hiding in Shadows



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  1. I really hadn't heard much of Peter Green, but this piece is a gem! Truly melodic, very pretty in a minor key. Kudos for the key changes from E minor to G minor and then back again to E minor.

  2. The other lead guitarist here is Nigel Watson not Snowy White. Sadly in live performances NW tended to play most of the lead which wasn`t good to see.

  3. isn't it funny that it's sort of mysterious as to knowing if and when Peter was actually playing on many songs. rather like a puzzle that no one knows how to solve. I was heart sick when i discovered that Snowy White had lead on 'slabo day'…but usually if you really listen to a lead you can hear, feel, if it's PG or someone else.

  4. If you watch Peter playing on old videos and the present day, it's often not the notes he plays, but the ones he Doesn't play, the ones which your brain supplies, which are the best… His laid back style contrasts severely with eg. Rory Gallagher et al, who seemed to think it was about the maximum number of notes per second which count. Give me Peter's style anyday.
    I know Nigel Watson is an old mate of his, but I can't help feeling that Peter is still streets ahead, even nowadays.

  5. heartily agree on every point you make….and a good example is the live version of 'world keep on turning', his solo number while Danny replaces a string. ….tops the charts for me. z2

  6. My favorite of Peter's, really touches the soul!   Roy Buchanan…the creator of  the sound and that perfect "sweet" note that Peter plays so well.  So many people do not know who Roy is, but believe me he started it all and was a fantastic guitar player.

  7. Buchanan didn't really start till the 70's. And you might check out Danny Gatton: 'The greatest unknown guitarist'. Peter had his chops way before then! I thank whoever is keeping this going.

  8. Have you ever heard a song that you like so much that it seems like it was written just for you,- well, for me it's this song, I never get tired of hearing this song-

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