octopus – syd barrett

slideshow i made, RIP SYD octopus – syd barrett



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  1. Bands like Roky Erickson with The 13th Floor Elevators, seemed to be on the right path. But it was definitely rock artists like Syd Barrett who brought the whole interesting rock music thing foreword. Syd, there are those of us who won't forget you. Continue to rest in peace bro.

  2. RIP Syd. We will never know what "mental illness" really is…… I will forever admire the people who took the "heat" for being "crazy" , as they say. Syd Barrett is one of the most overlooked artists of the 20th century. period

  3. Syd Barrett was the first great tragedy of the 60’s. He had everything, great looks, Charisma, genuine songwriting talent, and totally pickled his Brain on LSD trips, so so sad😥😥

  4. I think that this may be the same Octopus as that in Ringo's "Octopus' Garden," and the same Octopod as appears in Bowie's first single, "Take my Tip," and "The Glass Spider," Navaho mythology, and the sculptures of a giant spider by Louise Bourgeois. It may also be the Multi-legged, quadruped creatures in "Caterpillar", and "Love Cats" by The Cure, and perhaps also the rat in "Linda Linda" by The Blue Hearts, but I am not sure. I think it is also why Marc Bolan sang about, and Bowie hinted at singing about their clothes as people. It originates in the fact that if you think about it, our limbs are doubled, such that it is meaningful to ask "what sound do the other ones make" in the famous, but mistranslated, Zen Koan. Have I said too much? I have obfuscated.

  5. At first I figured it all nonsense. Its based mostly on carnivals. Charles Holland's octopus ride in England, and the seafarer, and ghost tower ride in Venice, CA in the late 60's. The Ocean Park Carnival had a booth where people threw wooden balls at stacks of china to break as many plates as you can, they were under white canvas tents. Genius.

  6. his subversive use of british poetry and literature as he welds them together to speak his mind about himself-'the madcap laughed at the man on the border'(a beguiling playful yet snide swipe at his old band members-waters perhaps..and at the same time the perfect self justification that the artist must always place themselves near the edge in order to be truly creative) melded to a punctuated batman 'biff!-'pow!' fight scene rhythm mixed with bo diddley..and a punky yet poppy vocal,,well I mean he's just having a laugh on so many levels !-all be it in a bittersweet kind of way..then is if all of that's still not enough he then sums his life up perfectly with the line"they'll never put me in their bag"-and they never have and they never will…

  7. oh,and forgot to mention-the'octopus ride' was one of the first mass fairground rides where you had fun(and at the same time were terrified)spinning around and around out of control and he uses it in this song as an allegorical metaphor..such a clever song.

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