My Lady D’Arbanville – Cat Stevens

A video made by me for a beloved person who is gone….
*I OWN NOTHING, NO COPYRIGHTS INTENDED* My Lady D’Arbanville – Cat Stevens


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  1. Have been a fan since I was 15 his music helped me through my very troubled teenage years thanks so much for your inspiring music Cat xoxo

  2. Why does it grieve me so why do u sleep so still? Wake up I love u longer boats are coming cat eyes 1971. I love u sad lisa my MM oldest known love song and love was all he said

  3. This song is about a dancer and an actress Patti d'arbanville she lived in Kansas City she was a dancer he loved her a lot

  4. Beautiful, cruel, terrible. There is more than one way to become dead to someone. Passionate and timeless, unrequited love.

  5. Thank you, Ang3los76

    I love Yusuf Islam AKA Cat Stevens. His voice was so amazing. Now, since My Lady Kathleen passed almost 4 years ago, this song has a whole new meaning and emotion to it. This second and last verse are how I feel.

    I loved you my lady, though in your grave you lie

    I'll always be with you

    This rose will never die, this rose will never die

    The rose in my case is the love we had for each other and that rose will never die.

  6. This masterpiece has a timeless poignant beauty.

    [For those commenting here suffering from a deep personal loss, I hope you will find peace.]

  7. Una canción encantadora Cat Stevens era maravilloso gracias mi amigo P J me la regalastes D E P y para ti mii amor xxxxxxElo

  8. תודה רבה שמצאתם לי את השיר הזה אני מאוד אוהבת אותו הוא מזכיר לי הרבה דברים טובים.

  9. Top five lovesongs:

    Young : Like a hurricane

    Bob Dylan: Sara  

    Steve Harley: Sebastian 

    Cat stevens: Lady D`Arbanville

    Leonard Cohen: If it be your Will

  10. Top five lovesongs:

    Young : Like a hurricane

    Bob Dylan: Sara  

    Steve Harley: Sebastian 

    Cat stevens: Lady Darbanville

    Leonard Cohen: If it be your Will

  11. I love this song and the guitar sound. My parents used to play this when I was child and it inspired me to learn to play guitar.

  12. All of this entertainers music has special meaning in my life, with this particular song very close to my heart.🌹 Since "Morning has Broken", I was his own! Bless this Man for his impact on my lifetimes! ❤ Peace Love Faith in God is first and foremost! 🔰Many answers are in the Bible if you seek them! Praise be our Savior!!! 🌷 💖 Namaste.💖 Deepest Respect of Faith and Love within your heart and soul, Kathy L. Lyons-Dream Poetry, with spiritual awareness and powerful thinking always creates the Love of being Whole increases with your understandings of purities from within our guidance's instilled in ourselves and abilities through gentlest gracious and Golden hues of peaceful and kindness Learning's inside Mother Earth and Knowledge of Wisdom's beyond that of our Elders who cherished the Love of being alive inside of the Prophesies under our heart's and soul's entwined into one beautiful person's spirituality!!! 😊🌷☺
    Thank God for strong singers who touch our heart's with their gifts and talents! 💝 Cherish this entity!!! 🌻🎸🎶

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