Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Earth Hymn

“Earth Hymn” by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band from the album “The Good Earth” (1974)
Slide show of Mark Adamus photos.


Listen all around
Symphony of sound will take you
Drifting down through your dreams
In an endless stream

Singing through the air
On its wings of fiery silence
The melody comes crystal clear
Can you hear it near

Song of all the earth
Song of death and birth
Ringing through sea and sky
Can you hear the cry? Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – Earth Hymn



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  1. I had the album back in the day man!!!A touch of land in those days was incredible…I didn't bother maybe I schould've …..

  2. She forgot to put the stamp on the letter. It's still in the Lost Forever Room at your local post office. Sad but true 🙂

  3. This song from Good Earth Album (1974)

    The Good Earth is an album released in 1974 by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.
    Track 1 was originally done by Gary Wright on his second solo-album, while tracks 2 and 3 are originally by Australian progressive rock band Spectrum.

  4. I met Gary Wright a couple years ago and asked him about this song. Yes, he wrote it. Manfred made it a masterpiece in his own style.

  5. Our Lord JESUS CHRIST is the Light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Follow JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved !

  6. Heard it for the first time recently on SiriusXM's Deep Tracks channel. Great track, even if the ending (the backwards fade-out) was quite unexpected!

  7. RainDogGR-Masterful video with a masterpiece song. Great timing of images. I'm a nature photographer and love the landscapes you've selected.

  8. My favourite song from an awesome album. I bought this when it came out – mainly because the cover promised every purchaser a square foot of land in Wales for free –  with a deed and everything – I was only about 13 and I thought that was weird and cool. Anyway, I lucked out as it's a great record. Did you know the drummer – Chris Slade – went on to play for AC/DC for a while? Now that is weird … and cool, I guess.

  9. I was 20 years old at this moment, it was a very good time.
    One of my favorites bands. I saw them live later in Hamburg.

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