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  1. Very disappointed. I was hoping this was an actual live version of Darlene – not the audio along with some spliced Knebworth 79 footage of other songs being performed. Again very disappointing and misleading.

  2. This is the studio version…. mix with some video edition…. jajajajaja…. no te enojes Gitano, pero la verdad es que a la mayoría de los que nos gusta Zeppelin, esta clase de cosas no nos gustan….. jajaja…. no hay una sola vez en la que coincidan Robert Plant o los músicos con el sonido…. es bastante bizarro…. jajajajaja

  3. Forget the faux video.
    Plant sounds pretty rough here.
    Gotta be a real devotee to appreciate the bands efforts at this point.
    I'll take it for what its worth.
    Any ZEP is worth it's weight in gold.

  4. It's not DARLENE , this video is a mix for others musics. CODA was launch after the end.

  5. There are so many commentators out there who secretly hate whoever made this perfect video because they do not have the talent themselves.

  6. This is Knebworth of course.. but I'm amazed on how good the quality of the footage tho,compare to other Knebworth's footage I saw here in youtube.Heck….love it anyway!!

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