Jon Lord Bouree 1976

Jon Lord Bouree 1976



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  1. Jon Lord (Former Organist in Deep Purple) in part of masterpiece Sarabande , what can be said? listen and enjoy …

  2. τελειο κομματι το χορευα το 1984 στο rock victoria στη νικαια ωραια χρονια υπεροχες μουσικες δοξα τω θεο πυ τα εζησα

  3. A true Artist and master of his craft, what has gone wrong with today's music!! No experimenting to create unique great tunes, its all plastic no life in it at all just same old same old, made to make money for the record exe's, X factor for instance, how long do they last once they win, 12 months if they are lucky then back to flipping burgers!!

  4. Now that's how you do something epic without being overly gratuitous. Pretentious modern day sub genre woodsheders, take notes! This is actually quite bad ass, especially by it's clever drums.

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