Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust (original)

I got tired of searching for a good video, so I decided to make one:)
Enjoy, rate and comment, but don’t bash!!! Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust (original)



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  1. Jerks our hearts strings for the lonely lost love of all of us. Who cant relate? No one. Love is our only healing.  Give some love while you can.

  2. ZhexyMoonchild, thank you for an exquisite video. I had not seen many of those photos, and I thought I'd seen them ALL. Your choice of pix and how you placed them is just perfect. Between the song itself, Joan's voice, and the visuals, I'm close to tears on this, Bob's 78th birthday. I so envy Joan that she had such a close relationship with "god" (Bob is obviously imperfect, but he's one of very few that I can think of that way). That's on the one hand. On the other hand, I totally feel sad and angry on Joan's behalf for how it all went down. Been there, done that! I'm positive that she loves him still. Beautiful and sad (for Joan) love affair of what could have been the perfect couple. Thank you again for this video (I'm a Moonchild too).

  3. I always thought Dylan and Baez were part of the way it is always. None have replaced them. I thankful I was there during their heyday. Poets, singers, activists, justice.

  4. The first time I heard this song, it literally took my breath away. I didn’t really grasp the lyrics at the time I just sort of felt it and felt blown away by it’s beautiful sounds. I now See it as a treasured piece to be taken out of the box occasionally carefully played and returned to the velvet box such that it can be listened to many many times over the years, but not so often as to reduce its extraordinary power

  5. Mon père écoutait Joan Baez et Dylan quand j'étais enfant, maintenant j'écoute avec le plus grand plaisir du monde. Sa voix me fascine.

  6. 너무나 아름다운 목소리, 노래! 사랑합니다 존바이즈 ! What a beautiful voice, song.  love you Jone Baez!

  7. Interesting her dad was Mexican from Puebla. The most beautiful city on earth. Joan voice still beautiful.

  8. Well done.. I heard the live album tour mixed into a Church yard. in LA,,hajj sound truck., love this,, Aloha

  9. I like this song because Joan had the guts to expose herself. The video that XhexyMoonchild
    put together is much appreciated!

  10. Nice mashup of Dylan/Baez photos. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful song. Purest of voices. Angel of folk singing.

  11. This song is really good, but if I'm being honest, I like the Judas Priest version better. They are basically entirely different songs though.

  12. this is the most painful song of all time <3 can't listen to it or sing it without bursting into tears

  13. This beautiful song (a masterpiece – @Kremlsis is right) so clearly expressed my feelings for a longlost love. We can never go back after such heartbreak. Joan Baez says it perfectly through her amazing voice. On thank you so much ,@ZhexyMoonchild. I'm a moonchild, too.

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