Jeff Beck – Scatterbrain

Artist: Jeff Beck –
Album: Blow By Blow (1975)
Track 05 Scatterbrain

Epic Records Jeff Beck – Scatterbrain


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  1. I know all the live versions of this are impressive with Beck's rapid fire shredding but I really like this tempo because it has time to BREATHE. You can savor all the chord changes & the phrases he plays over it. It's nice.

  2. kindergarden at home for dinner jeff told me to eat my fish thatstatemen for ya and gratitude sourceress Dr.Marieval on deck

  3. Yo, I'm here from Guitar Hero 5 and I just want to say that FUCK THIS SONG, my hand feel as if they are on a different planet with 500X gravity. Was this guy scatterbrained meaning on cocaine while making this song because think he was. I haven't had acid in a couple of years since I had a REALLY BAD trip and found myself inside of a hospital sinking my teeth into a blood bag, oh wait that was bath salts never mind. Anyway I think I went on an acid trip by just listening to this song. Scatterbrain was an inside job now I have to get back to bouncing on my boys Guitar Hero controller to scatterbrain on expert difficulty. 10/10 song.

  4. Miles ahead of it itself course Sir G.Martin had something to do w/ his musical capabilites…Max Middleman🎩🇬🇧🎸🎹🎼

  5. Hm…yeah. Awesome. This makes me think of what an adrenaline rush, mixed with a caffine rush would sound like.

  6. How many of you was even alive back then,I'm guessing few,this man transcends the Yardbirds,John McLaughlin and since he's a guitarist I don't know where Billy Cobham factors into this

  7. This came about during a down time. Jeff was just noodling around on his guitar, and keyboard player Max Middleton said, ‘’play that annoying, schizophrenic thing you do.’’ Then Max wrote some chords underneath it. Masterful.

    Reluctantly Sir George Martin suggested putting a string arrangement toward the end. He knew Jeff’s hesitation. But Beck trusted and went with it. In the final production he just loved it.

    Always the innovator, always looking for something new, the greatest rock and roll electric guitar player of all time keeps evolving. We’ll never know another…and that’s okay with me.

  8. This album won best jazz album of the year in 75 and he was a rock and roll player. Of course he always played like Jeff Beck. He had a really good jazz album with Stanley Clark too around this era.

  9. More people should do a cover of this song. It’s one of those riffs that will make you a better guitar player.

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