Jeff Beck – Come Dancing

LP: Wired (Epic, 1976)

Bass – Wilbur Bascomb
Clarinet, Electric Piano – Max Middleton
Drums – Ed Green , Richard Bailey
Engineer – Dennis McKay , John Arias , John Mills, Pete Henderson
Engineer [Assistant] – Mark Guercio
Guitar – Jeff Beck
Mixed By – Geoff Emerick , John Mills
Piano, Drums – Narada Michael Walden
Producer – George Martin
Producer [Assistant] – Chris Bond
Synthesizer, Drums – Jan Hammer Jeff Beck – Come Dancing



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  1. This is a great album and I'm a big Jan Hammer fan as well. But whats funny is how this is my least favorite song on the album, but it also contains my favorite piece of music on the album haha. 2:513:37 sounds fucking amazing though, so much feeling and color, an immediate feeling of excitement. The rest of the song is has too much of a rockabilly esque rocknrolla back track, i dont know i just imagine kids in large white dirty sneakers and dirty blonde hair covering their eyes as they look at you chewing bubble gum keeping their jaw slacked so you can just dwell at the sight of their rabbit like front teeth, all shiny with spit

  2. this is not jazz rock but the usual rock solos of mr beck with a lot of special effects pedals, which mr.beck is the best in the world to manage. unfortunately, his style has been so savaged by satrianis and vais that they have left only the most stupid part of mr.beck art, his special techno sound effects, and they have copied nothing of the musicality of mr.beck, as the saying states, imitate me that you will get my faults.

  3. This was the Philadelphia Flyers theme song back in the 70's ~ around the time when they won the Stanley cup. Every commercial for them had this playing in the background.

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