Jeff Beck – Air Blower

Great solo effort by J. Beck off of the album Blow by Blow.
WOnderful little instrumental LP. Jeff Beck – Air Blower



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  1. What other bands do this rockin jazzy synth laden stuff well? I have just become a huge fan of this album and want more stuff just like this. I love his guitar noodling and how he puts in really funky synth lines and cool effects, like talk box

  2. Jeff Beck's finest album and not very much compares to this…..It was way ahead of it's time….Goes to show that funk, rock and jazz can all work together with the right captain driving the ship properly……

  3. driving hard in the wet with a turbo car = slipping and sliding – hard braking power on up around the bend = a clearing climbing the mountain the sun breaks through and to the top we go !

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