Jackson Browne – Stay

Jackson Browne – Stay



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  1. Only a certain number of songs stir body,mind, and soul and make us feel so much better for listening to them.

  2. ใครฟังอยู่บ่างไหมครับ2019

  3. This song give me happiness when I feel sadness, make me strong when I feel weak. It's just magic. Thanks Jackson Brown. :))

  4. ฟังตั้งแต่อายุ 16 เดี๋ยวนี้ 60 กว่าแล้วก็ยังเพราะอยู่ กลับไปเป็นเด็กอีกครั้ง !!!!! 25/7/2019

  5. accade, sovente, che : ciò che : ciò che E' : sembra, e ciò che NON è', Sia ..

    accade, sovente, che : ciò che E', non sembri e, ciò che NON sembra, Sia.

    Occorre cercare : " IL BENE " : Dentro, NON .. fuori.

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