Get Ready (UNCUT) – Rare Earth – HQ

Get Ready (UNCUT) – Rare Earth – HQ



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  1. My brother had this in his musical collection he came back from Vietnam and it totally changed my musical repertoire before then I was nothing but an R&B and Jazz listening to my mom and my dad but after that my whole world changed

  2. Let's get real. This, "Do You Feel Like We Do," "I'm Your Captain," and the like went on for when the DJ had to use the bathroom — or "use the bathroom," if you catch my drift. Hehehe.

  3. My Dad hated rock and roll with a passion. One day I put this on the turntable and asked him to give it a listen. He then said later… "Hey, that was pretty good. I guess it's not all bad." 🙂

  4. The Temptations made it a R&B classic. Rare Earth made it a rock classic. Would have been a blast to see them together and did this jam!!!
    The drum solo is the bomb !!! The band is the sh..

  5. This is what is missing from today's sound: a real drummer, a real reed man with real instruments. All that canned shit that comes from synthesizers is listenable but for real music you need real musicians that spend years on their axes.

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