FRANK ZAPPA ‘Dirty Love’

Here’s a nice picture tribute to the Late Great Mr. Frank Zappa, along with his Killer Song ‘Dirty Love’, Enjoy & all comments welcome..TC everybody.. FRANK ZAPPA ‘Dirty Love’



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  1. "I'll ignore your cheap aroma,
    and your 'Little Bo-peep' diploma,
    I'll just put you in coma
    with some Dirty Love."

    (And it didn't get much airplay, imagine that.)

    Impeccably produced, brilliantly composed and arranged, virtuosically performed (Zappa on guitar is a Mother, after all) and there's an added bonus of which I was only recently made aware:
    The backing vocals are by Tina Turner and the Ikettes.
    Ike Turner allowed Zappa to hire them (as long as they weren't paid too well), and they're on several cuts on this LP, "Over-Nite Sensation."
    Ike heard the finished master tapes, decided he didn't like the music, and refused to let his wife and the other girls be named in the credits.
    (Time capsule moment: The "not a speck of cereal" line at the end is a reference to a pervasive ad campaign at the time, for Alpo, featuring Lorne Greene.)

  2. Always liked this one … could have been top 10 I think if was not for things like "nasty poodle juice" ….. ohh so funny .. great to see many still remember and like Frank !! What about "No Not Now" at a cremation ? hey I thought of it first

  3. R&B/Rock and comedy CAN go together…"just like your mother made her fuzzy poodle do"…oh, and "don't go where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow"…dig?…Too funny. He nevr took himself too seriously. RIP Frank

  4. I had to laugh one early saturday morning when I went to the grocery store and Dirty Love was playing…..6 am and there was me and maybe two or three old men shopping and I'm singing Dirty Love and going down the aisles dancing

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