Dr Hook – Marie Laveau

A favorite Dr. Hook tune. Dr Hook – Marie Laveau



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  1. This song was written by Shel Silvestern. Apparently he did the witch scream for Bobby Bare's studio version. Bobby Bare's version reached No. 1 in the Country chart. Both versions are very different and good but caters for people of different taste.

  2. I think this version ROCKS!! I can understand why some people prefer Bobby Bare's version, however, this is something different and not a cookie cutter song that most singers pump out one after the other. Great version.

  3. Dr. Hook was way ahead of their timewith the rhythm on this. Its like some R & B you'd hear today. I could easily see some group like Wu Tang Clan or Nelly, etc. doing a rap remake of this. A good song crosses all boundaries.

  4. @DeviantDaisy I know … I always heard the Bobby Bare version. I like that version too, but they actually sound kinda voodoo. By the way the other version by Redbone is great too ("Witch Queen of New Orleans").

  5. I saw these fuckers in Shreveport Strand Theater in 1975. They we're opening for grand funk railroad , after hook finished and the GFR came on stage and started to play , I left !. How dare GFR to try to better the Dr?. Dr Hook all the time !.

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