Dr Hook – Marie Laveau

A favorite Dr. Hook tune. Dr Hook – Marie Laveau



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  1. I love dr hook but the best rendition of this song I've heard (and bobby bare's version sucked) is the The Peculiar Pretzels – Marie Laveaux (studio version)

  2. @vandy8127 You've GOT to be kidding! What planet did you take off from? Dr. Hook's version is waaaaay better than Bobby Bear ever DREAMED of sounding!

  3. This song was written by Shel Silvestern. Apparently he did the witch scream for Bobby Bare's studio version. Bobby Bare's version reached No. 1 in the Country chart. Both versions are very different and good but caters for people of different taste.

  4. @MudDawg194 Bobby has absolutely no funk, dude. Dr. Hook and Dr. John's versions are soo much better.


  5. I think this version ROCKS!! I can understand why some people prefer Bobby Bare's version, however, this is something different and not a cookie cutter song that most singers pump out one after the other. Great version.

  6. Dr. Hook was way ahead of their timewith the rhythm on this. Its like some R & B you'd hear today. I could easily see some group like Wu Tang Clan or Nelly, etc. doing a rap remake of this. A good song crosses all boundaries.

  7. @DeviantDaisy I know … I always heard the Bobby Bare version. I like that version too, but they actually sound kinda voodoo. By the way the other version by Redbone is great too ("Witch Queen of New Orleans").

  8. @banner74 The song was written by Shel Silverstein for Dr. Hook's first album, released in 1971. Bare covered it and released it as a single in '74.

  9. I'm pretty sure that Marie Laveau lived in a city ahd was beautiful and very popular with men.
    But it's still a durn good song.

  10. In grade school I used to sing these lyrics like Ray Sawyer and my classmates were LTAO! Thanks Dr. hook!

  11. I saw these fuckers in Shreveport Strand Theater in 1975. They we're opening for grand funk railroad , after hook finished and the GFR came on stage and started to play , I left !. How dare GFR to try to better the Dr?. Dr Hook all the time !.

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