Deep Purple – Son Of Alerik

“Son Of Alerik” by Deep Purple, as performed on the album “Perfect Strangers.” Deep Purple – Son Of Alerik


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  1. Впервые слышу..не знал что на этом альбоме есть такой шедевр))

  2. The solo of a song is that part which is too sacred to be uttered. This song is the altar at the pedestal of the sublime.

  3. Never really been a huge fan of Deep Purple but this is really cool,It's my first time hearing it and I give it two thumbs way up!!!!

  4. Decisione davvero curiosa quella di escludere brani come questo e come "When A blind man cries " dagli album originali, perché sono degli splendidi miracoli. Grande Ritchie e grande Jon(R.I.P.).Non è che ci hanno tenuti nascosti altri tesori?Piango solo all'idea.

  5. Absolutely brilliant!!!!! Ritchie is amazing and for me- guitar player NUMBER ONE of all time in rock history!!!

  6. Maravillosa cancion un Himno a la musica Deep Purple Bandasa inspira me pone los pelos de punta que pena que la musica tambien se degrada con el paso del tiempo , como todo hoy en dia mis respetos para estos enormes musicos en el Perú tambien tenenos buen oido musical

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