Deep Purple – Anyone’s Daughter

This is the fourth track from Deep Purple’s fifth album, Fireball (1971).

Lineup (Mk II) – Ritchie Blackmore: guitar, Ian Gillan: vocals, Roger Glover: bass, Ian Paice: drums/percussion, and John Lord: keyboards and Hammond organ

I stood under your bedroom window
Throwing up a brick
No one came I threw one more
That really did the trick
Your daddy came and banged my head
He said what kind of man
Is this that’s hanging ’round my girl
And threw me in the car
You’re a farmer’s daughter
You’re a farmer’s daughter
Why do I always get
The kinda girl I didn’t oughta get
I won’t get no more eggs and water
Now I’ve laid the farmer’s daughter

Imagine I was a full-grown man
And I could talk just right
Could I come and see you here
And do this every night
Wham! The door comes crashing down
Your daddy’s face all pale
Says come with me you hairy bum
I’ll put you in my jail
You’re a judge’s daughter
You’re a judge’s daughter
Why do I always get
The kinda girl I didn’t oughta get
Now I’m getting jail and torture
‘Cause I made the judge’s daughter

It seems they’re screaming law and order
When I go with anyone’s daughter

Woman I should like some peace
And daddy hold your tongue
I think you’re gonna die of fright
When I tell you what I’ve done
I can hear your tales and lies
You say I’m dumb and scraggy
But man this dumb and scraggy is
Your daughter’s baby’s daddy
She’s a lucky daughter
Such a lucky daughter
Why did I always get
The kinda girl I didn’t wanna get
Now I’ve got what I always fought for
‘Cause I’ve married a rich man’s daughter Deep Purple – Anyone’s Daughter



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  1. Thanks for posting Timaeus. I bought this album when I was 12 lol. Already had In Rock and Machine Head. This track is amusing but still awesome! Progressive album! 

  2. Aaaah! Finally found it after so many years. Always believed it was 'Farmer's daughter' and only now got the right result, and even Deep Purple specialists couldn't help me… But of course, after 45 years it wasn't so easy to remember the title right 🙂 Glad I finally found it!

  3. I discovered this song off of a playlist I found on 8tracks. It was my go-to playlist, until recently it was taken down. Listened to it probably everyday for a good long time. I struck gold when I found the playlist. Now I'm recreating it. 🙂

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