David Byrne & Brian Eno – Regiment

Taken from the album ” My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts ” (1981)
featuring Dunya Yusin or Yunis (Lebanese mountain singer).

It’s sampled from the song “Abu Zeluf”, published in “Music in the World of Islam, 1: The Human Voice” (1976).
David Byrne & Brian Eno – Regiment


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  1. my copy lists robert fripp on guitar .some copies do not? …reminds me of exposure…lil bit

  2. The guitar sounds like that of Robert Fripp, a frequent collaborator with Brian Eno, though the bass line and vocals really carry the track.

  3. Always liked this  on "another late night" mix series. Can't remember who it was but it had a cactus on the front. Think it's sped up slightly, sounds good at 1.25.
    Cannot believe its from 1981. So so good

  4. song! adumbrates history repeater 1 oh 1, nb cyclic – !! PS pic might be actual flame. but at 10,000th of a second or something; flowers on fire…rem seeing flame frozen: that strange bifurcation MEH, LOUD

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