Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Almost Cut My Hair

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Almost Cut My Hair
Album Déjà Vu Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Almost Cut My Hair



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  1. I just turned 62 and I will ALWAYS fly my FREAK FLAG. I was a kid during the 60's and ALREADY knew that I was a Hippie freak
    And growing up in Cowboy Country, that wasn't always easy. But the'70s were GREAT and this album got ALOT of turntable time at our parties. Carry On!.🤠🎸✌️

  2. I had long hair as a kid and young adult. Mom was a hippy and worked at Wisky A Go Go and either places. When she was young. What was d the name I think Rainbow and the Roxy. Jim Morrison would come over to are house in Manhattan beach. Well I saw a lot and had a great childhood mom.

  3. Hey Fuck the army Hair cut's !!!!!!!!!!!!! How would u like for ur Marine Drill instructor DAD !! TO save u so clean BRO. When do with razor . The Funny Fuck head he was. Put's Vaseline on My now Q Ball ! And laugh's his Nut's off! This was in 1965 I was 12. Don't have to worry about school now LMFAO. They threw me out because i was a distraction to the School. Now that's a hair cut son. Back Then i was BOZO the Clown LMAO… Pick'in up what i am laying Down ?? Just had to mess with u a little??? But every word i told u is true .. But that was just a Joke!! Let the fun Begin!!! RIGHT?? The Old DAD!!!!

  4. Such good cracklin' lead electric guitar and just try and top these vocals…equaled maybe, but not topped…what a good sounding song & decent lyrics too. There are some cool stories written below this that I hope you will enjoy !!

  5. Playing this song reminds me of high school parties where everyone got drunk. If you're reading this in 2019, David Crosby is still writing, recording and is currently on tour. At 77 he's making some of his best music ever. Check his website for tour dates and venues.

  6. In seattle we have long hair for years
    Jimi hendrix would freak
    They cant make hitts they look real bad DONT CUT YOUR HAIR no music after 80…i know everone holy god. Fairys odin thor.

  7. After my Beloved Soldier was Cremated on a Very Cold and Snowy
    Windy Day, I, Sundown Had a Barber
    Complete Cut Off All my Very Long
    Hair. My Very Good Buddy and Biker Brother Chris Page Owner of American Graffiti Tattoos in Brighton, Michigan,
    The " Boss, " President of The
    "◇{ Scorpions M / C Michigan }◇"
    Oakland County Chapter Tattooed my
    Head With a "WoN" of "A" Kind Warrior
    Scorpion Firing a Bolt of Lightning from a Cross Bow. My 5th Head Tattoo.
    Seriously Sincerely,
    Sundown from Detroit's Motown, Michigan U.S.A.
    A Little bit later I will Look for
    Neil Young " Rock n In America "

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