Country Joe and The Fish – Love Machine (Amazing Drum Solo)

“Love Machine” by CJATF. Yet another great song. Also an amazing drum solo. Country Joe and The Fish – Love Machine (Amazing Drum Solo)



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  1. Dang I'll have to pull old my old 12". I remember the drum solo as a drummer of course. I agree with the positive comments regarding same. What I don't remember is minute 1 1/2 to 3. CJATF are one of the very Best bands of the 20th C. Their work with drone tones was unique. To me they are the band that defines the words Acid Blues. This piece is great, but the 'Sweet Loraine' songs are the Best. As well as half a dozen other works. How about "Who Am I".

    Gotta go play records. Bye

  2. @Andrewhaut Greg Dewey has the credits on this album (C J Fish) so I do not believe Hirsch worked on this one. Good question though, hopefully someone else can provide some information on this because the drummer deserves credit.

  3. @Leaveitago i know this is kind of weird, and im not meaning to brag but Chick hirsch is my uncle. and i was seeing if he has any solo's on youtube. and i will be going to oregon for thanksgiving to visit him. ill ask him for you 😉

  4. The drummer is certainly Greg Dewey. He joined CJF from Mad River, the sadly under-rated band…Listen to his drumming with them on youtube, no mistaking that it is the same drummer, he is brilliant

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