Castle Walls – Styx (1977)

Once in a dream
Far beyond these castle walls
Down near the bay
Where the moonlit water falls
I stood alone
While the minstrel sang his song
So afraid I’d lost my soul

There in the fog his song kept calling me
Leading me on with its haunting melody
Deep in my heart a voice kept echoing
I knew I’d soon be wandering

Far beyond these castle walls
Where the distant harbour meets the sky
There the battle raged like hell
And every dove had lost its will to fly

Far beyond these castle walls
Where I thought I heard Tiresias say
Life is never what it seems
And every man must meet his destiny

“Castle Walls” was released on Styx’s seventh album, The Grand Illusion, in the summer of 1977. The Grand Illusion is probably Styx’s greatest effort, a consistently great album of great rock and roll. The record leans to prog heavier than their other efforts.

This is my 2nd version and upload of the video after the 1st version was blocked, but I’ve since seen numerous songs from this album being uploaded and left for the fan’s enjoyment….think it had something to do with the source of the track used in the video, so I’ve used a different track from a different CD release. Hopefully, this one will be left up so some new fans might decide they like the song enough to visit Amazon or Itunes…..hopefully they can respect a different and more visual version of the great tune and allow it to attract the fans who appreciate the visual imagery?

As tempted as I was to totally overhaul this video which I had created many months ago, and there were many things I’d like to improve upon….I decided to just give it a basic touch up and not bring alot of new elements into it…..a couple of new images and some work on the fog (which was always a major source of irritation in the original since it was improperly timed and took on a repetitive look during the images using lots of fog/clouds), and a few timing adjustments. It’s basically the same video I created way back.

I hope you enjoy it….and I hope it’s allowed to remain up as long as other videos of this tune.

Enjoy! Castle Walls – Styx (1977)



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