Budgie – Whiskey River

Song: Whiskey River
Artist: Budgie
Album: Squawk

Enjoy! (I got the first album as well, so if you want anything from that) Budgie – Whiskey River



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  1. that fuckin riff…the guitar, the bass…imagine this with a double bass drum??? but fuck it. its perfect the way it is!

  2. There is a free app about the making of Budgie's Bandolier album in the iTunes store. It can be located in the iTunes store by searching on Bandolier Budgie. Includes lots of audio interview clips with Burke Shelley.

    Made for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Check it out if you have iTunes.

  3. About fifteen years ago I found the SQAWK LP in my dad's record collection: it became the sound track to the best summer ever. BUDGIE I SALUTE YOU! (wish I could remember what became of the record…)

  4. The Rockfield studio recording setup of the early-mid 70s exactly suited the bands very distinctive and unique HM sound. Added to that, obviously great production / engineering.
    Right place right time right tunes.

    A classic LP and yes, truly timeless.

  5. Been jamming to Budgie for 40 years…without them, absolutely NO RUSH…along with Frank Marino, Moxy, Demian…some of the great, great unknown and unappreciated groups of the 60s-70s…

  6. I might be one of the few 20 somethings that used the internet to find great music like this rather than listen to the bullshit that's marketed to my peers.

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