Blind Faith Well All Right

My Seventies,Eighties. Blind Faith Well All Right



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  1. Cannot thank you enough for promoting this little slice of musical and cultural history here — and especially for doing so in a REAL hifi bitrate.
    (Yes, people, it makes a huge difference, especially if you're using high-end headphones, or taking the YT signal to feed a great audio system.  Even more so if the original track for this came from the Mobile Fidelity-brand "Original Master recording" version of the album, as pictured above.)
    Ya done good.  I just wish every uploader had the same respect for the music, for the artists, and for us listeners.

  2. On this day in 1969 {June 7th} Blind Faith appeared in their only concert, it was held at Hyde Park in London, England…
    They performed nine songs, and opened with their covered version of Buddy Holly's "Well All Right"…
    The song was track three of side one on the quintet's self-titled album…
    Buddy Holly's original version was the B-side of “Heartbeat"; and "Heartbeat" was his last charted record before his death. It peaked at #82 on January 19th, 1959 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart and that was also its last week on the chart…

  3. yeah, I really enjoyed this one and many others ie: The Cream, Blind Faith and all till my wife went and borrowed my nice Bose headphones…..
    worst part is she lost them and cant remember where and dosnt even care to look around.. Now I'm using my Walkman ones from a box in the attic.Man they truly define the word, Crap. Gonna ruin my ears. To Hell with the hearing!

  4. *possible boring story alert* Opon hearing this track, I was mystified by how Clapton got his guitar to sound like that ! (remember ,that time, before "guitar pedals" became ubiquious, or were even common) …when I was told it was a "leslie" speaker, I tried to get ahold of one, & asked about the price ……..after unsticking myself from the floor, I went to my best friend Mike, happily a big-time "tinkerour" and we knocked together a "rotating speaker" gizmo ; …it not only worked, it was BETTER for electric guitar than a 'real' leslie !!!
    ( made with the hammond 'B-3" organ in mind, after all )…For YEARS afterwards I hid it behind whatever amp(s) I was using, and had a good number of puzzled, and frankly enveious ,musicians eyeing me…The audience just knew it sounded GREAT, and thougt, no doubt, I was a MUCH better player than I actually was, LOL !!

  5. 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁 Well all right, so I'm being foolish — Well all right let people know — About the dreams and wishes you wish — In the night when lights are low 💙

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