Atlanta Rhythm Section – So Into You (original)

This was the first major hit from the Atlanta Rhythm Section. The group, which is considered one of the pioneers of Southern Rock, was formed in 1970 consisting mainly of former members of Classics IV and The Candymen. This song first appeared on their 1976 album, “A Rock and Roll Alternative”. Atlanta Rhythm Section – So Into You (original)



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  1. when you walked into the room, there was voodoo in the vibes, I was captured by your style, but I could not catch your eye- now I stand here helplessly hoping you’ll get into me, I’m so into you ooooohoooooohooooohhhoooo
    —wow this completely sums everything up for me, especially the “I could not catch your eye” and the “voodoo in the vibe” part

  2. I love this song! Never get sick of heating it! Love the things you do!!!!!😚 can't wait to see them in concert! I think it's been 30 years since I last saw them on Portland Oregon. Can't wait to hear them again!!!!!

  3. As a little kid in the late 70s I used to play their album Champagne Jam over and over…alongside Rumours, Earth Wind & Fire All 'n All, Steely Dan's Aja, and Supertramp Breakfast in America. Yes, I had quite an ear for music and was ahead of my time and youth! The 70s and 80s were absolutely the best era for music, period.

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