America – Sandman

America is awesome, and Rest in Peace Dan Peek, Co-founder of America. America – Sandman



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  1. I've never fully understood why people tell these things in the comments but, right now, it just feels right, so I'm just gonna share with you wherever you are while listening to this: this was one of the tracks on the CD America's greatest hits, my dad had it in his car. We would listen to the whole CD very often, especially on family road trips all together. Every song wast just beautiful while driving and admiring the landscape, it just put you in the right mood, but this song especially was my favorite. I remember I would ask "Dad, can you put my song?" and he knew he had to go and play Sandman. We kinda grew apart while getting older. We did not talk that much about lots of things, that's just how it goes sometimes, both of us being very proud and hard headed. Anyway, it's almost been two years since I lost him, I was about to turn 18. I listen to this song and I think about those times. I'm italian, and as a kid I did not pay that much attention to the lyrics, I just liked the sound. But right now I listen to what it says and it just fits the whole thing. The years went by fast and we had no time indeed to drink that beer.

  2. So I didn't read all of the comments but I haven't seen anyone mention this: it seems to me that the song was inspired by the sci fi novel, not the movie, "Logan's Run" where sandmen hunted down people who had reached the age of 21 and had not turned themselves in to be killed.

  3. Thank you for sharing that! Songs like this when I was young were based around the war "Low spark high heel boys" protesting '4 dead in Ohio" "One two thee four what are we fighting for" "Orange Crush" ….It was a huge meaning to us when our family and friends got sent to nam as young boys. It sucked and it was a horrible, horrible time. No war is pretty. It's a necessary evil. But in that case…we were against it at the time. We didn't support the invasion. The songs at the time and the horrible footage and reports and letters we got were of frightened children who were sent off into a land they had no choice to be in. They were kids. It sucked. The songs reflected on all the things they saw and went through…Those songs just as this one, made us think and reflect and cry….Thank you again for sharing.

  4. ..hitchhiked to Calif L.A. The Wind Blew Out The Smog..Peace on Earth. HOLLYWOOD! Yes I guess that I Seek to Injure a Country in Defense of one of it's States; Counties; Police as it's ATTORNEY! The Kingdom of I AM MUSIC! Fox! Rock's Czar! 870 Million. SURRENDER. (Laugh!) Through CONQUEST! Ocean City MARYLAND! Free Hot Dogs!

  5. I am.from an Island Full of Sand🏖☀️🇩🇪, and i am a Sandgirl..👋🏻👱🏻‍♀️..
    I like to See tomething Else… Can anybody take me there, where the life is?? 🎸🙋💋

  6. I saw America the last two times they came to San Diego, Dewey gave his guitar picks after each show to me and My wife as we put our hand out and maybe he noticed we knew every lyric to every song and were up when the old folks were sitting, How can you sit to America?

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