Chuck Berry – Hoochie Coochie Man

live in Toronto Chuck Berry – Hoochie Coochie Man


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  1. Basically every electric guitar player alive steals licks from Chuck Berry. He was one of those rare musicians who was such a huge influence you really can't even describe his impact on music. One of the greatest of the greats.

  2. The problem with Berry is that every time I listen to him, for a while afterwards the rest of rock and roll sounds so midget.

  3. I give this man a draw of my consulate cigarette on stage at the Rainbow Theatre while he was in the middle of Roll over Beethoven in72 . Not much security then . The stage ended up packed with people dancing around Chuck .

  4. Kind original Tune !!!!!!! The rolling stones idiots copy that Tune too and make Billions, that is the uk IDIOT Island all stolen, waiting the Time for pay back coming soon Idiots

  5. the rolling stones stolen that Tune , so low uk culture pure Idiots only. Mercy Chuck Berry

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